This year I’ve sponsored some of my longstanding clients. They are my pride and joy! They care enough about themselves, their families and their animals to get them checked BEFORE they have a problem. They know they can’t afford to have problems. It’s a privilege for me to help them as they nail their goals.


There are plenty of photos of Nydia all glammed up – we’re going to Badminton Grassroots this year because she can’t stop winning – but the real story is shown here. Well, most of it – there’s another wee one to add to the picture.

She does it all in a snaffle and cavesson, on her homebred horse from a field in the Borders, while looking after her family and holding down a job. I’m not sure how, but she does!



If you’re going to stand up on your horse while it gallops around, or have someone try and knock you off it with a big stick, it makes sense to be pretty robust physically, and for your horse to be very very safe. These guys are building an amazing world of equestrian theatre on the back of horses they treasure and treat as friends. They’re some of the hardest-working people I know and it’s quite a ride keeping up with them!